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Dated: 08/16/2016

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With 92% of all buyers starting their home search online  most of today’s buyers have already made judgments about your home before even stepping foot on your property.  So it’s important to not only have your home professionally staged and photographed but you should be thinking about other potential turn-offs from the buyer’s point of view.

  • Kitchen Appliances that Were New in 1970. Your avocado green oven may still work like a champ but all a buyer sees is an outdated kitchen that will cost them money and time. It will also make them wonder what else in the home is old and in need of replacing. This puts your home in a bad light and could mean more days on market and a much lower selling price.

  • A Garage Turned Into Another Living Space. You may love the media room or extra guest space you gained when you converted your garage but buyers are oftentimes turned off by the lack of space for not only their cars but the extra storage a garage provides.

  • A Bedroom Turned Into Something Else. It may seem easy for buyers remember that the office or media room they’re looking at is actually a bedroom but after they’ve left your home and are deciding which home to make an offer on they often forget those kinds of details.

  • Cigarette Smell Through the House. Smoking in your home can mean having to repaint, deep clean and replace carpet just to get it sold. Do yourself a favor and keep the smoking outside, away from walls, carpets and ceilings that will absorb the odor. That means the garage too!

  • The Pet Store Currently Taking Up Your Living Room. It’s great that you share your love and home with pets but this can be a deal breaker for buyers. There’s not only the smell to contend with but seeing all of your dog’s chew toys reminds buyers that your pooch has probably slobbered everywhere they’re walking and honestly, it’s an eyesore.

Remember, you’re trying to sell your home quickly and for the most money possible. Making concessions early on like hiding pet toys or packing away your office may seem like a huge inconvenience to you but it can make all the difference to a buyer. And the sooner you sell this house, the sooner you can get your stuff out of storage and settle into your new home!

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